A Ground Source Heat Pump is the ultimate heating, cooling and water heating system. Capitalizing on the Earth's constant 55-60 degree temperature, a Ground Source Heat Pump system provides winter heating, summer cooling and seasonal water heating.

The system uses three main components: the heat pump unit, the pipe loop buried in the Earth, and the pump to circulate fluid through the loop. Basically the heat pump circulates fluid through specially designed plastic pipe underground. In the winter, the fluid picks up heat from the Earth and blows a warm air through your standard home ductwork. During the summer, the fluid is cooled by the Earth, reversing the process automatically.

Using a Ground Source Heat Pump can lower home heating costs as much as 40-60% and reduce cooling costs by 30-40%. The system is safe, efficient, ecological, low maintenance, and dependable. For example, a Ground Source Heat Pump will deliver $3.50 to $4.00 worth of heating and cooling for every $1 spent on electricity.

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